Oef… phew… OUF!

Voilà l’été, enfin l(es vacances d)’été! High time de prendre un peu de recul à fin de partager ce qui m’a occupé pour la + grande partie de l’hiver & la 1ère moitié de cette année…


I’ll try to do so mostly in French, parfois en Anglais & soms ook gewoon in het Nederlands (want zelfs  – het jongste deel van – de familie scheen deze keer bijzonder opgelucht dat dit boek eindelijk uit mijn / zijn / haar / hun systeem geraakte ;-)) THX everyone, for your endless patience with me!


Il y a parfois des projets qui ont surtout besoin de temps pour grandir et ce nouveau livre (qui vient de sortir en France chez Milan) en était l’exemple par excellence. On y raconte l’histoire d’un arbre et tous les obstacles qu’il devra franchir pour devenir un grand chêne. Le texte m’avait été confié par Ghislaine Roman en été 2012 quand on s’était vu à Toulouse – ou à Cordes sur Ciel? il y a si longtemps – & il m’a fallu quand-même presque 3 ans à fin d’en faire un simple album de 40 pgs.


Drawing & painting in this case often felt a bit like digging for gold: hard work with raw materials  and sifting again & again until you eventually may find some little treasures shining through the dirt. With only your gut feeling telling you there might come something good out of every story and no other results guaranteed then lots of left overs… but when you eventually reach the end of that – gold mine – tunnel, it might feel rather rewarding…



Summer in Japan: wok & don’t look back


Received some snapshots from our twin brothers & sisters on the other side of the world today…


Made these images last month at the occasion of a second anniversary – that’s why so many things on it come in 2fold – for a rather exotic shopping mall in Yokohama’s Minatomirai area with splendid roof gardens etc… (actually never been there, but we tried to let our imagination do the job ;-))


We also must admit it was a rather demanding briefing with lots of details  & special requests…  (more…)

Kwintessens Magazine: design from cradle to grave

Fine fresh food for our mailbox today: Kwintessens is a rather minimalistic Flemish magazine about design & fashion (in Dutch) and they asked five fine Flemish illustrators to… illustrate ‘design from the cradle to the grave’. I got the baby part – which still suits me – & really did my best to make something quintessential this time, about the fragile balance between form-function & safety…


… but I ended up in (ph)otto-shopping-land again, making safety follow function following form. So sorry, but I just couldn’t help it (never leave me in a toy store, especially if it’s a Japanese one ;-))


I’m even guilty of product placement (with my little Djeco cow standing behind the little child laborer next to the AA milk, à côté du BB) and maybe that’s why they put me right next to this rather pure image of Jan Vanderveken’s Fabrica Grafica illustrating ‘le mieux est l’ennemi du bien’.


(I’m more into the ‘Encyclopedia Otto-bio-grafica’ section for the moment, for kids of course ;-))

Elisabeth’s New Cookie Boxes Presentation (30/4)

Alexandre Bibaut / Les2b sprl +32 496 81 92 80 e-mail: alexandre@les2b.be

From this week on, tourists (& natives!) visiting Brussels may find some brand new tasty (& tasteful) souvenirs in the surrounding streets of the Grand Place and even right in front of Manneken Pis…


Brussels based Elisabeth Chocolatier asked us to design a shiny new metal, rectangular cookie box of 18 X 11 X 7,5 cm  and on the evening before the 1st of May (on thursday 30/4 between 16h00 and 19h00) we’ll be proudly presenting (& signing!) the final results at the Stoofstraat 55 (in that shop right across Manneken Pis).

PS That very same night fashion-pop-prince Jean-Paul Gaultier will be fitting the little statue a tiny, tailor made outfit to kick-off of Brussels’ gay pride festival  (and the 1st floor at Elisabeth’s ensures you a front row view on that other historic event ;-)). (more…)

Mix’n'Match: Knack Weekend Werk

Gisteren gevonden in de brievenbus (van de buren!): de Weekend Knack Black – Magic! – Design Special. Met op pg 112-113 een volledig handmatig geïllustreerde handleiding in 9 haltes voor wie zijn / haar huis een beetje ‘up to standards’ wil houden. Wij maakten er onze persoonlijke calvarie van tijdens het verlengd Paasweekend. Hieronder ons werkproces (in 3/4 haltes):


het originele opzet (ergens tss Witte Donderdag & Goede Vrijdag),


de miniatuurtjes in wording (op Paaszondag),


Paasmaandag bij valavond (en bijna op ware grootte)


& voilà op pg 112-113 in the little Black Book (maar nu zijn we dus weer aan het weekend werk…)

L-O-L-A, LOLA! (‘s tablecloth)


Looking for a new, sunny tablecloth to share with your young familymembers during the warmer days to come? Here’s one I made for fromlolawithlove before the winter started and that was instantly installed in our workplace this week (keeping at least one table clean ;-)).

foto-nappe-rectangular (more…)