Der Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterkalender der Welt

Looking for a colorful present during these cold grey winter days at the end of the year?


Here’s a calendar for the year to come, auf Deutsch, but entirely stuffed with images of course…


The  52 by 42 cm newborn is the ‘love child’ of happy couple Dumont – Gerstenberg (who also published ‘Das Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterbuch der Welt‘ last year) and it contains about half  the pages of our encyclopedia combined with a handwritten ‘calendarium’ showing days & dates.




3 random months of 12 (we’ll keep the other half of the book fresh for next next  year;-)). In the mean time this one even won a silver medal at the Gregor 2018 calendar competition. Ganz toll!

Juttugram poster: fell in love with the retail;-)

Look what fell of the tree this week: a fine folded poster stuck between Winter & Fall, found in our real mailbox inside a commercial print magazine for Belgian concept store Juttu.


I was asked to illustrate one of these postmodern catch phrases (‘fall in love with the details’) for a theme n° about ‘enjoying the little things’, but was most inspired by the horizontal folding in the middle of my image  (probably still in a ‘calendar mood’, more about it in the next post) (more…)

Peonza Magazine N°122

Received this pretty pinkish, Spanish book magazine by los correos last week:-)


120 pages about children’s books with at least 40 book images from our back catalogue… (more…)

Expo à Saint Gratien (du 16/11/17 au 20/1/18)

Toutes & tous les bienvenus à une p’tite expo de ‘peintures fraîches’ à Saint Gratien, près de Paris.


Last year we were asked by this friendly French city near Paris to illustrate Flemish architecture for French children. This year I was even officially appointed ‘artist in residence’ and I committed myself to ‘paint the town’ in 10 giant postcards following the traces of a fine predecessor… (more…)

Eine kleine Oktober Evoluzion…

Vorige maand ontvingen wij onderstaande foto en vorige week dekten wij alsnog dit lege witte koffietafeltje, naar aanleiding van een ontmoetingsdag tussen steden en gemeenten deze week, voor de Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffen Maatschappij (OVAM)


Hieronder een sumier-evolutionair-overzichtje:


van-graan-naar-brood (more…)

Hoch Hinaus

Saying it loud, saying it proud: I’ve got a brand new book out!


In German, Dutch & Italian, but since it’s a mute book, the language doesn’t really matter, I guess;-)


After making a very wordy wordbook it was kind of a relief & challenge trying to tell a story without words, though I must admit you still might find some inevitable  international typo in my images…


But most obvious are a number of numbers inside, because when you flip & fold it open, there’s a tape measure on the right side, that continues all along this leporello/accordeon shaped object.


Is it a book? Is it a building? Is it a poster or a meter? At least it stands taller then it’s maker:-) (more…)