1. Piep mag Mauw zeggen


    Illustrating picture books takes months before you get to the final result of a printed book. Autumn brought me the joy of 4 edited picture books which I worked on end of 2009 up to mid 2010.  I’m happy with the results of all 4. In order of appearance:

    Piep mag Mauw zeggen – meaning as much as Piep (the sound of a Dutch mouse) says Mauw (the sound of a Dutch cat). A book with cute little stories about a mouse and a cat written by Frans Lasès from The Netherlands. Edited by Belgian editor De Eenhoorn.

    The elements in this book were painted on cardboard and put into composition.

    During the creative process, an art school student  approached me and explained the assignment she had received from her teacher: contact an illustrator and create the illustration for a picture book simultaneously with the creative process of the illustrator.  An example of what this student came up with for Piep mag Mauw zeggen:

  2. Soon on a TV screen near you


    That’s right, tonight is the night…

    After a full year of being shadowed by a Canvas TV crew, we will finally get to see what they came up with in tonight’s episode of “De Vormgevers”. The 52-minute long documentary will focus on the creative process I used to make “Otto in de Sneeuw”  (Fr: “Vive La Neige”), the latest addition to the series of Otto themed children’s books I’ve been drawing for Belgian publisher Lannoo.


    [ UPDATE 20 JAN 2010: Great news for those of you who missed the documentary on TV. The Canvas production house has graciously granted me the permission to post an online version of the documentary on Vimeo.

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