1. Montreuil (Paris) children bookfair

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    Signing a copy of ‘ABC de Tom’ (French editor: JBZ & Cie) with the French photographer Jacqueline Noyre-Quintard in the background.

  2. Passa Porta

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    How my illustration of the main character from the Dutch picture book ‘Piep mag Mauw zeggen’ (publisher: De Eenhoorn) was presented by the Brussels bookstore Passa Porta, rue Dansaertstraat.  

  3. Magnetic Otto Boards

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    Some of my paintings of the book ‘Vive la ville!’ – ‘Otto in de stad’ have been printed on magnetic boards on which kids can stick all kind of vehicles, figurines and various other objects. Fun!

  4. Otto Auto

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    This wooden truck was parked for a weekend in our living room and was aimed as book- furniture on the Lannoo site at  the Antwerp bookfair to promote the Otto-series.

    It arrived on a Friday as a blank object, I painted it during a 3 day-weekend and on Tuesday, it got carried along by the Lannoo-people.

    Never saw it again, but it sure must be gathering dust in a warehouse somewhere in Flanders…

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