1. Passa Porta Brussels: Otto in de sneeuw/Vive la neige!

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    Another woodcut at the Brussels bookshop Passa Porta, rue Dansaertstraat. This one represents Otto, the main character of the 3 big cardboard loop-books ‘Otto rijdt heen en weer/Allers-retours’ – ‘Otto in de stad/Vive la ville!’ – ‘Otto in de sneeuw/Vive la neige!’, published by Lannoo.  The fun thing for children is that they can read the picture book back and forth by turning it upside down, once finished.

  2. expo Hasselt – summer 2010

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    The owners of Het Literair Museum Hasselt invited me to show my work at their place last summer. This young visitor allowed me to put her picture on my blog. Thanks!

    With Frans Lasès, author of  the book ‘Piep en Mauw’ and Ron van Roon, graphic designer:

    With Ever Meulen during the opening:

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