1. A painting 4 all seasons: The discovery of Americago…

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    … is the slightly misleading title of a triptych – situated somewhere between Brussels & New York – that took me about a year to finish. In fact it’s rather some kind of interwoven tapestry of hundreds of never ending associative storylines, then a real painting. Few people thought it would ever get finished & framed, but last Sunday the sacred trinity finally left my brand new workplace in Wemmel Werkstatte. In fact I have been working on it in the most diverse places & weather conditions (the Jet space in Summer, our garden in Autumn, my pop up workspace @ Muntpunt & behind the curtain in M museum in Winter & Spring etc). Can you believe I really felt relieved it finally got out of my system? High time to end some more unfinished business these weeks to come…





    PS If you’d ever plan to paint on wood yourself, never forget to put a coat of paint on the backside, otherwise your board will start curbing (take a tip from one who’s tried…) (more…)

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