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PUH! So ein glück!

So lucky this little seed we planted last year somewhere in France, also found it’s way to fertile Swiss and German soil (and all the way back to the working table where it was originally created;-)).


As you can read in a more elaborate post from last year, the book covers the life of a tree. Growing slowly on each page, throughout all seasons & weather, surviving all nature’s & other threats…


From a tiny little acorn fallen from an old tree in the woods, found & hidden by a passing squirrel…


… to a solid oak in the end, happy to be hosting the new, young inhabitants of it’s garden.

Here’s at least one German reader who apparently loved it, last weekend in a Munich newspaper:


So ein Glück, indeed! Danke Schön, Anabel @ Bohem Verlag.  I’ll be signing the book at their spot on the Frankfurter Buchmesse on Saturday at 12am (it’s Carll Cneut’s turn on the picture below;-))