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Brussels Plaizier in Bozar

Wondering where to go on a rainy day in Belgium this Summer? Go check ‘Brussels is a Plaizier’ showing 40 years of active service in postcards & artwork by pocket publishing house Plaizier.


Here’s a short introduction to it (subtitles by clicking ‘cc’, lower on the screen). Even my custom made wrapping paper made it to the walls of the museum and got mentioned at the end;-)


On show is a selection of prints about the Belgian capital, with rows of cards highlighting all aspects of  the city throughout the years. It’s buildings, streets & inhabitants, the glory & decline… and by it’s very concept  – a walk around the block on the 2nd floor of Bozar’s central hall, with images organized by neighborhoods – also a generous open invitation to hit the streets on a sunny day.


The construction of the ever modern Atomium won’t have any secrets to you afterwards.


And of course a bit of nostalgia’s never caused any harm…


We stumbled upon some of our all time heroes who showed a younger generation the ‘shining path to illustration’. Above’s the Belgian Savignac aka Julian Key, who designed the iconic Black Cat – try finding that coffee can/cat on my wrapping paper higher on – and below’s a poster for a no longer existing Brussels’ Summer festival that has been looking down on the desk  with my first attempts to illustrations (from a wall in my old boy’s room).


So I was very happy to perceive my own ’6 pack’ in that wall of boxes at the end of the corridor:-)


Absolutely ‘our Plaizier’. Until the 21th of September, at the other side of Summer.


PS hier nog wat meer achtergrond bij het familiebedrijf