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Der Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterkalender der Welt

Looking for a colorful present during these cold grey winter days at the end of the year?


Here’s a calendar for the year to come, auf Deutsch, but entirely stuffed with images of course…


The  52 by 42 cm newborn is the ‘love child’ of happy couple Dumont – Gerstenberg (who also published ‘Das Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterbuch der Welt‘ last year) and it contains about half  the pages of our encyclopedia combined with a handwritten ‘calendarium’ showing days & dates.




3 random months of 12 (we’ll keep the other half of the book fresh for next next  year;-)). In the mean time this one even won a silver medal at the Gregor 2018 calendar competition. Ganz toll!