Noël Libelle

We made yet another Xmas meal: for last week’s, local Libelle & Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazines.


With love! (& some reheated left overs from Japan – we all know those taste best;-)) (more…)

Winter in Japan


‘Tis Winter! At least on this side of the globe: here’s some seasonal news from the Eastern part of the Northern Hemisphere; Kobe, Japan more precisely, Umie Shopping Mall to be entirely accurate.


People told us winter weather in Kobe would feel more or less Mediterranean, when we went there earlier this year, so all I brought was this blazer style jacket… I remember standing frozen on the JR platform waiting for a train that would bring us to to Kyoto. By the time we got there, it was snowing. And when we woke up – in a Ryokan with paper walls – the city was covered with a white carpet…


Luckily we found a Winter vest at the local Zara and some human warmth in the person of Hiroshi! (who showed us around town, in an almost identical jacket:-)) ありがとうございました (more…)

Xmas in Italy

Made some giant images last week for a global Christmas party in Italy, but unfortunately – since it’s a private party for & with children – we’re not allowed to share live images of our labor of love…


But I’m quite sure showing the flyer ‘post factum’ won’t attract any unwanted guests (and of course we always try to guarantee absolute anonymity on the worldwide web – isn’t it so, Father I & N ?-)


So here are some Santa’s on an ever expanding wallpaper designed to fit the occasion (& the walls)






Der Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterkalender der Welt

Looking for a colorful present during these cold grey winter days at the end of the year?


Here’s a calendar for the year to come. Auf Deutsch, but entirely stuffed with images of course…


This  52 by 42 cm newborn is the ‘love child’ of happy couple Dumont-Gerstenberg (who happened to publish ‘Das Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterbuch der Welt’) and it contains about half the pages of last year’s encyclopedia accompanied by a handsomely handwritten ‘calendarium’. (more…)

Juttugram poster: fell in love with the retail;-)

Look what fell of the tree this week: a fine folded poster stuck between Winter & Fall, found in our real mailbox inside a commercial print magazine for Belgian concept store Juttu.


I was asked to illustrate one of these postmodern catch phrases: ‘Fall in love with the details’ for a theme n° encouraging us to ‘enjoy the little things’. So I got inspired by the horizontal folding in the middle of my image (probably still in a ‘calendar mood’, more about that in the next post;-)) (more…)

Peonza Magazine N°122

Received this pretty pinkish book magazine by ‘los correos Espanoles’ last week:-)


120 pages about children’s books with at least 40 book images from our own back catalogue. (more…)