Otto Groot, Otto Klein: the comeback kid!

Time flies! Here’s a book from 4 years ago that had been sold out for 2 years, so when our editor finally decided to republish it, I really couldn’t resist to make some corrections where time hadn’t been on my side, 4 years ago… And this time we also choose the bigger size of a classic vinyl album sleeve as the new format! Unfortunately the book exists in Dutch only, so excuse me if I continue from here in my mother tongue; you’ll understand most by just looking at the pictures;-)


Het betreft een ‘klassiek’ Otto-boek waarbij onze jonge, grijze held volledig verdwijnt in z’n rol van toeschouwer/achterbankzitter temidden van een kleurrijke wereld vol tegenstellingen & contrasten. In de eerste versie ging het nog om een klein kartonboek waar we met de deur in huis vielen, maar ditmaal voegden we netjes schut- & titelbladen toe (+ een register aan het eind). En starten doen we nu ook beleefd met een introductie van de personages die op elke pagina langs komen… (more…)

Kobe Winter Sales


A very late, but equally happy new year from Kobe, Japan: may 2018 be as smooth as Kobe beef!


Sales are probably already over over there – they’re always faster! – but I painted these western letters a while ago for this year’s winter campaign of our favorite shopping mall East of Brussels;-)


Happy 2018 from OVAM


Received this fine new year’s card from our local waste agency:-) Happy NY from here as well!

Xmas in Japan

Is it a Christmas ball? Is it a Japanese flag? Or is it a boy in a bubble having a ball?


We’re at the end of a year as ‘Official Fournisseur of Seasonal Images for Shopping Malls in Japan’


and since I’m a man for all seasons – as proven by the typographical studies above – , I was more then willing to dive into the pink snow in June and create Christmas clichés at the start of Summer.


Though I tried to keep it simple this time, our client apparently didn’t share my view:-) (more…)

Noël Libelle

We made yet another Xmas meal: for last week’s, local Libelle & Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazines.


With love! (& some reheated left overs from Japan – we all know those taste best;-)) (more…)