Kobe Winter Sales


A very late, but equally happy new year from Kobe, Japan: may 2018 be as smooth as Kobe beef!


Sales are probably already over over there – they’re always faster! – but I painted these western letters a while ago for this year’s winter campaign of our favorite shopping mall East of Brussels;-)


Happy 2018 from OVAM


Received this fine new year’s card from our local waste agency:-) Happy NY from here as well!

Xmas in Japan

Is it a Christmas ball? Is it a Japanese flag? Or is it a boy in a bubble having a ball?


We’re at the end of a year as ‘Official Fournisseur of Seasonal Images for Shopping Malls in Japan’


and since I’m a man for all seasons – as proven by the typographical studies above – , I was more then willing to dive into the pink snow in June and create Christmas clichés at the start of Summer.


Though I tried to keep it simple this time, our client apparently didn’t share my view:-) (more…)

Noël Libelle

We made yet another Xmas meal: for last week’s, local Libelle & Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazines.


With love! (& some reheated left overs from Japan – we all know those taste best;-)) (more…)

Winter in Japan


‘Tis Winter! At least on this side of the globe: here’s some seasonal news from the Eastern part of the Northern Hemisphere; Kobe, Japan more precisely, Umie Shopping Mall to be entirely accurate.


People told us winter weather in Kobe would feel more or less Mediterranean, when we went there earlier this year, so all I brought was this blazer style jacket… I remember standing frozen on the JR platform waiting for a train that would bring us to to Kyoto. By the time we got there, it was snowing. And when we woke up – in a Ryokan with paper walls – the city was covered with a white carpet…


Luckily we found a Winter vest at the local Zara and some human warmth in the person of Hiroshi! (who showed us around town, in an almost identical jacket:-)) ありがとうございました (more…)