Colour ball: the Depanini stickers!

From this week of ‘all the world is -officially!- football shaped (and it’s ours to kick in space:-)). And for the last 6 months I’ve been training with tubes & pencils to capture all colours of the world…


Trying hard to compose a comprehensible (& complete!) Colour Encyclopedia and 1 tiny aspect of this whole Mission Impossible are of course the colours of national football teams. Here are some:


Starting with red, here’s Belgium’s single chance to eternal glory – apart from chocolates & waffles – The 1 & only Red Devils! But did you know South Korea has a team by exactly the same name?


A small consolation prize for our Dutch friends who couldn’t make it to Russia. Those of you familiar with Dutch culture will probably recognize Miffy, Jip & Janneke, Mr De Uil & several 70s players…


Brazil is the only country that has participated at every final round of every world cup. (more…)

Old Skool (turning 50)

Never associated it with May 68, but my old high school is celebrating it’s 50th birthday this month…


… and so will always stay slightly older then I am;-) I made some images for this festive bird-day.


The school’s mascot has been a pelican for all those years, so that was easy picking. (more…)

Hi 5!

Received yet another postcard from the east:


At the occasion of the 5th anniversary of our favorite shopping place east of here (Kobe, Japan)


Don’t know if the cherry trees are in bloom on your side of the earth, but in Japan they surely are!


Our favorite shopping mall east of Eden was early as usual for this seasonal campaign… (more…)

Otto Groot, Otto Klein: the comeback kid!

Time flies! Here’s a book from 4 years ago that had been sold out for 2 years, so when our editor finally decided to republish it, I really couldn’t resist to make some corrections where time hadn’t been on my side, 4 years ago… And this time we also choose the bigger size of a classic vinyl album sleeve as the new format! Unfortunately the book exists in Dutch only, so excuse me if I continue¬†from here in my mother tongue; you’ll understand most by just looking at the pictures;-)


Het betreft een ‘klassiek’ Otto-boek waarbij onze jonge, grijze held volledig verdwijnt in z’n rol van toeschouwer/achterbankzitter temidden van een kleurrijke wereld vol tegenstellingen & contrasten. In de eerste versie ging het nog om een klein kartonboek waar we met de deur in huis vielen, maar ditmaal voegden we netjes schut- & titelbladen toe (+ een register aan het eind). En starten doen we nu ook beleefd met een introductie van de personages die op elke pagina langs komen… (more…)