Il Piu Folle Mostra Illustrata Del Mondo (di Otto)

At the occasion of the Bologna book fair, a small exhibition with a whole lot of images from our – recently translated into Italian – second youngest book will be exposed at cultural coffee house Zoo (downtown Bologna). Opening night’s from 7PM on the first of April (if not an Aprill fool’s joke;-)) Everybody’s very much welcome and I’ll try to get there in time!

Il Piu Folle Libro Illustrato Del Mondo di Otto

Good news from Italy: our – second youngest – Encyclopaedia 0ttobiografica has recently been translated into Italian by Panini! Grazie 1000, here are some extra insights for Italian speakers.

And even better news: our – youngest – Colour Encyclopaedia will also be taken care of in Italian, by the same editor, inventor of the longest running hype among kids since the invention of the hula hoop. I suppose our colour teams will instantly feel at home there (and legal troubles are avoided;-))

Publishing date of that last one foreseen somewhere on the other side of Summer. Avanti Italia!

Winter for sale!

A square version of our image (with a little help of intern Carolien;-)) for Winter Sales 2019 in Japan.

Winter in Japan

Even if the climate keeps changing, we keep on illustrating seasons the good old fashioned way:-)

Tom Tekent! (in de boekhandel)

Ter promotie van ons laatste kleurboek komen wij volgaarne op zaterdagmiddagen uit ons (tuin)kot!


Desbetreffende tekenaar verfraait persoonlijk al uw boeken, inpakpapier en andere aanverwante objecten in onder- en bovenstaande boekhandels. Eerst nemen we Brussel, daarna Kortrijk:-)


Antwerpen werd reeds uitgebreid bediend met Wapenstilstand in november…. (more…)