1. This year ends with chemistry

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    After a poster & other derived products for the ‘Tomorrow starts with chemistry’-exhibition in November, the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) asked me to design a new year’s card with references to the spheres I used in the former communication  (to symbolize the different fields of daily life in which chemistry has impact and will have even more in the future)

    The spheres became big balls hanging in a huge Christmas tree with Santa shuttling through the nightly sky between them, throwing presents… a very Happy New Year 2012, indeed.

  2. Persönliche Weihnachtsgeschenke (Teil 2)

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    Another nice little present for Christmas I found in our mailbox, this time from Germany. Hanser Verlag, who already edited Otto (fährt Auto), releases a German version in february 2012 of ‘l’ABC de TOM’ (that I originally made in French, in 2010). The big horizontal, calendar-like format has been replaced by a proper regular book shape and my absurd attempts to French humor are now eloquently ‘übersetzt’ by the great Harry Rowohlt.

    The editor even added some publicity for the author and his Otto-character. Ganz toll! (I gave this copy to my father, whose German is far better than mine)

  3. How was your Christmas? (Big in Japan, part 3)


    Last week I received some pictures from a Japanese shopping mall where the usual Xmas parafernalia this year seem to be  replaced by images of strange characters and European-style houses (enriched by the inevitable balls,  golden chains and other seasonal kitch)

  4. Agenda’s Xmas Giveaway Extravaganza

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    Here’s a little present I found in our (real) mailbox this morning. I made this image -now featured on the cover of this week’s Brussels cultural agenda- 2 years ago for a traveling Tati-tribute-exhibition. Last year it was printed on a postcard by Plaizier and that’s how it found it’s way (with some minor adaptions)  to the magazine.

    Inside, my latest Otto-title (in Dutch) is mentioned as a present-tip in the Xmas-shopping-guide (and 5 copies are offered for free by publisher Lannoo to  the fast ones that mail the magic word Otto -and their address- by dec 19 to win@bdw.be)

  5. Big in Japan 2


    The entire month of October I’ve been working mainly at nighttime since I had a client at the other side of the world. The whole project was linked to the reconstruction of houses in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan and it was kind of  weird  to make images based on a story I hardly understood (due to the language barrier) but at a certain moment it became clear that I was working on a book-project (again!) and that it had something to do s with Christmas…

    (more inside-images can be found at the completely restyled BOOKS-page on this site)

  6. ABC de Djeco


    After all the spin-off projects (sketches, booktitles, bookcovers, entire books, school logo’s, banners, birthday cards, e-mail wishes etc) I think I have the ‘moral duty’ to show the actual mother-project behind my alphabet-series of the last 3 years. The green tree of life with 26 pieces of fruit (animal-shaped letters or letter-shaped animals?) that French toy- & decoration-manufacturer Djéco commissioned 3 years ago and that finally got into production this year.

    The painted originals turned out to be harder to print on wood then expected and not every single letter has become what I would have preferred, but at least the A, B and C look nice. That’s a start.

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