1. Philip’s biscuit box

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    Last week we received some new boxes from Philips Biscuits -an excellent artisanal bakery at the center of Antwerp- and one of them was even filled with fresh cookies! The paint wasn’t that fresh anymore, since I created this dog already in 2004 (but he finally  found his way to the lid of a beautiful black box).

    The trouble with images can sometimes be that the visual is better then the content, but in this case -I can assure you- it’s the other way around (unless you’re on a diet). Either way, the image lasts longer.

  2. Mummy’s boy

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    I haven’t forgotten my mum’s birthday yesterday and -since she did her best educating me well-  I’m not gonna reveal her age here, but about a year ago we had a big party to celebrate ‘a round number’….

    Cleaning up my archives (to prepare the new gallery on this site, soon to come!) I bumped upon the images I made for the occasion. Here’s the invitation (not valid anymore, but still from the heart).

    I’m saving you the menu & name cards, but in between the glasses & plates also stood  these table cards with names of places that have/had importance in her life (and some in mine as well)

    Looking back at these overnight-compositions brought back sweet memories.  I guess I’m getting older too.

  3. Magyar Posta


    All the way from Hungary to Brussels this week, came not only rumors  about a hyperactive prime minister, but also a literature-magazine paying attention to the newly translated ‘Otto  a Hoban'(didn’t find the right accents on my keyboard).

    At the inside, the magazine almost looked like a special issue focusing on  middle-aged, male children’s books  illustrators from Flanders (Belgium). Of course, I don’t understand a word of it, but apart from a picture from my childhood and an interview about my earliest Xmas memories, there were also souvenirs (and cute pictures!) of the very young Klaas Verplancke & Carll Cneut.

    Who is who, by the way? (tip : when was the Kodachrome invented?)

  4. (s)c(h)ool-bird-day-calendar

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    What could be more appropriate to kick off  this new year then a new calendar?

    Here’s one I made (as a volunteer) for the school our sons attend. I recycled some winter-stuff I had in store after my Japanese adventures and from a postcard I didn’t use. I also added a winter-version of the logo I made for the school in September. Inside all the pupils born during that month, pose with their birthday-numbers and my contribution is limited to these 12 bird-month-numbers I was working on for a counting-book I made in November-December.

    (mark the changes in the colors of the sky, although it seemed to be eternally grey and rainy here lately)

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