1. Cameroon

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    All the way from Cameroon (Africa), came these pictures taken in a local school where a dummy of this poetry book was presented to the children who made the poems inspired by and in the style of  the surrealistic evergreen  ‘J’ai rêvé’ (of French Claude Haller). I illustrated just 2 of them as a little day & night composition. The project of Alain Serge Dzotap was equally supported by other illustrators like fellow Belgian Philippe de Kemmeter & German Wolf Erlbruch (who also took care of the book’s lay-out).

  2. Trailer das-Tollste-ABC-der-Welt

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    As announced in December, the German version of ‘l’ABC de Tom’ is available from this month February of. The editor commissioned a little trailer to launch the book. It looks really nice (Konzept und Animation by Plankton Entertainment) and can be found at the Hanser website or on YouTube.

  3. Snow!


    Finally, after having seen snow on my computer screen from June until December (for postcards, calendars & Santa Claus books from Holland to Japan), there’s now a real white carpet rolled out in the garden (to be seen from my workplace’s window).

    This winter, we had to wait very long. I anticipated the snowfall already in December on this birth announcement. It was actually grey & wet when this little boy was born. Here’s what was given as a present to visitors of the newborn.

  4. Sarmede: le immagini della fantasia

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    It’s already February! That happens to be the month I’ve been illustrating in this year’s calendar from Sarmede, a pleasant Italian town near Venice that gave its name to  a (traveling) group exhibition of children’s book illustrations from all over the world.

    The show includes some images I made for ‘Noël blanc, Noël noir’, a book  that no longer exists in French (Albin Michel 2005), but that has gained new life in Italian (Jaca Book, 2009). Apart from my contribution, there’s also nice work to see of fellow-flemish-illustrator Kaatje Vermeire, French Aurélia Fronty, Canadian Jon Klassen and many more…

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