1. À Paris ces jours-ci?

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    Profitez-en pour visiter 2 petites expositions sympathiques.

    Une solo-expo sous le titre ‘Urban’ à la Galerie Petits Papiers présentant une soixantaine ‘Petites Illustrations’ que j’ai fait -plus ou moins- sur le thème de la ville et de l’environnement urbain- et qui datent -plus ou moins- de la période 1998-2008, une époque où je travaillais surtout pour la presse et le monde de la pub.  Toutes les illustrations sont en vente.

    Vernissage jeudi, 3 mai à partir de 18h30
    Exposition jusqu’au 26 mai, entrée gratuite
    91, rue Saint-Honoré – 75011 Paris
    Métro: Châtelet ou Louvre Rivoli
    Heures d’ouverture: jeudi-vendredi (15h-19h) – samedi (11h-19h)

    Entretemps, la Maison des Contes et des Histoires montre toujours les llustrations issues de l’album ‘Le fabuleux amour d’Aucassin & Nicolette'(Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, 2010). Aucune image est en vente ;-)

    Exposition jusqu’au 1 juillet, entrée gratuite
    7, rue Pecquay – 75004 Paris
    Métro: Rambuteau ou Hôtel de Ville
    Heures d’ouverture: du lundi au dimanche (14h30-18h)

  2. Tel Mee met Otto


    Vanaf deze week verkrijgbaar in de betere  boekhandel : een heus Otto-telboek, zoals eerder aangekondigd in de rubriek BOOKS op deze site. (Daar kan je dan ook enkele binnenpagina’s zien door te klikken op cover bovenaan de boekentoren).

    Het gaat ditmaal om een vierkant ‘telboek-hors-série’ -dus geen lusboek zoals de vorige, rechthoekige Otto-boeken die je aan het eind kan omdraaien-, maar ook hier is er een fijne verrassing voorzien voor de lezer die tot 10 kan tellen (en nog een beetje verder wil).

    PS De kleine Seb werd (echt waar!) toevallig gespot met een exemplaar op de koude vloer van een Standaard Boekhandel in Eeklo waar wij dit weekend met onze reuzen gingen ‘trainspotten’ (deze variant heet ‘ego-spotting’, geloof ik). De gelukkige ouders mogen zich nog steeds melden…

  3. Chaplin 123

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    Today the Great Director (and little-bum-in-the-sky) has become 123 years and he’s probably making the soundtrack for his own birthday-party somewhere out there (over the rainbow).

    I made these two bottles above  in  2009 for a collective work by French editor Bayard -with a little wink to Coco N°5- and last year around this time a black & white mash-up for Belgian magazine Humo in a series of classic-movies-revisited-for-people without-time, after having seen Modern Times with our 2 sons and being moved by its eternal beauty (and the smiles it still generates).

    The two (2D) bottles -each about 25 cm high on a 40cm vertical nightly blue background- will be for sale soon at a nice exhibition at galérie Petits Papiers in Paris. More about that in the next post…. Meanwhile, they’re both sold (tom, 05/08)

  4. Van Moof : the fruit

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    To finish my little bike-story : here’s the bike that will be displayed -together with 4 other unique models designed by Philip Paquet, Denis Meyers, Gilliom & Herr Seele- at the 3000 for Emilie-happening in Ronse on April 15 and later be auctioned for this good cause.

    Since a bycicle is one of the nicest  expressions of our ‘culture’ to enjoy ‘nature’, my idea was to merge both in 1 image.  It made this bike look rather green overall. On one side it says URBAN and on the other JUNGLE.

    On that other side -that can’t be seen on these pictures taken by Evert Thiry- the official name of the bike (the Tuti Fruti), the artist (TOM) + another postmodern predator (a blue panther) can be found. I really like the yellow rims and fork that have been added by the manufacturer, but what I like most of all is the beautiful, red-brown Brooks-saddle. Thanks, Mr Loeman Jr & Sr!

  5. Van Moof : the making of

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    Last summer, while the rest of the population was lying on the beach,  I rode back from the coast  to my workplace in Brussels (by bike, of course) to paint two blank frames of these irresistible Van Moof bicycles. Here are some pictures of the work in progress, taken by Renaud (who happened to be in ‘ze’ building, merci!).

    One of the bikes – the one with the little racers coming up the diagonal part of the frame – is supposed to become my daily bike, but I fear it’s gonna be a little too excentric (& vulnerable) to take me to town, school or the weekly supermarket…

    The other bike with all the fruits, will be exhibited on april 15th in Drongen at the yearly fund raiser event for the Emilie Leus Foundation together with 4 other bikes. But more about that in another post…

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