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Van Moof : the fruit

To finish my little bike-story : here’s the bike that will be displayed -together with 4 other unique models designed by Philip Paquet, Denis Meyers, Gilliom & Herr Seele- at the 3000 for Emilie-happening in Ronse on April 15 and later be auctioned for this good cause.

Since a bycicle is one of the nicest¬† expressions of our ‘culture’ to enjoy ‘nature’, my idea was to merge both in 1 image.¬† It made this bike look rather green overall. On one side it says URBAN and on the other JUNGLE.

On that other side -that can’t be seen on these pictures taken by Evert Thiry- the official name of the bike (the Tuti Fruti), the artist (TOM) + another postmodern predator (a blue panther) can be found. I really like the yellow rims and fork that have been added by the manufacturer, but what I like most of all is the beautiful, red-brown Brooks-saddle. Thanks, Mr Loeman Jr & Sr!