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The continuing expo news

‘Where is everybody?’ is what I seem to think on this picture taken at Parisian gallery Petits Papiers  last Thursday. Way to go for me at the city of light, but at least I was in the very good company of homey Ludwine (who took care of the camouflage on my battered left eye), the ever-present-Schmitt-couple (they even showed up twice!) and the sun (still absent here).

Last but not least : the ever charming and inspiring Martin Jarrie was in the house and made our day, as did a couple of Belgians who came over for the occasion. Merci, Joëlle & Jean-Marc and thanks also to all the others who passed by (like Jean-Marc Pau for sending us these pictures).

In answer to those people who asked me on the spot & by mail: all the works are ‘really’ for sale (about 10 of 60 sold by now) and all of them are illustrations, published over the last 15 years.

Only one work – in the middle on above picture of the rear wall of the gallery – was never published for the simple reason I finished it just very recently for this occasion.

In fact, I painted the turquoise sky (with S-path on a green hill) as a background for the last spread of picture book ‘Les Espoirs de Bouba’ (Sarbacane, 2008) but eventually used the burned-pink one below. The unfinished painting kept staring back at me from a corner in my workplace until I added this $-shaped-Hanibal-meets-Hans-und-Gretl-situation last month and titled it ‘Across the Alps’ (that must be about where Europe ends these days, according to some).