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Catalogue of cool: art & heritage from Flanders

Look what the cat brought in last week: an art catalogue! ‘Kunsthall’ (edited by Hannibal, the arts imprint of editor Kannibaal) was commissioned by the Flemish Ministry of Culture as a present for foreign guests – tired of chocolates, I suppose – and pictures Flanders as an imaginary arts hall (compact and dense, but also open and broad).

It opens with the hand of God from the famous altarpiece Jan Van Eyck painted in 1432, immediately followed by a spread picturing the old and new inhabitants of the region (made by your humble ‘illustrateur de service’ for Brussels’ Passa Porta Festival in 2011 and slightly adapted for the occasion).

After these 2 striking examples of outsider-art,  the book contains a 200 pages overview of the local/global contemporary art scene with all the usual suspects (the likes of painters Tuy-, Borre- and Dillemans, dance company Rosas, musicians like dEUS and many more actors, autors, architects, fashion designers etc).

Sounds like good company to me (if it’s alright with Jan).