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Catalogue of cruel: dangerously young

Here’s another catalogue we received two weeks ago – along with the safely returned originals, thanks – in which images of mine feature next to those of ‘real artists’. Gevaarlijk jong (Dangerously Young) is the name of an exhibition that unfortunately ended in May. I should have mentioned it before. The organizing Museum Dr Guislain in Ghent – formerly a psychiatric institution – made a broad selection of images from Oleg Dou (cover image) to Ron Mueck, or from photo(shop) artist Ruud Van Empel to war correspondent Teun Voeten and many others from all times & places that show children in a ‘dangerous’ context.

In my case they chose images I made in 2000 for a series about children’s fears & psychiatry in Belgian magazine Humo. Above you find my interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Woolf (seen from both sides now). Below a huge Freudian divan with an old-fashioned doll that can’t talk.