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Berlin based & übercool publisher Gestalten just came up with an international overview of  illustrators working for children’s books. I haven’t received the real 3D book yet, but the images I saw last week seemed very promising. The promo says ‘Today’s best illustrators for children’s picture books create work far beyond teddy bears and kitty cats.’ Don’t know what’s wrong with cats & bears, but I think I got their point. Furthermore it says the book is ‘featuring the work of the best up-and-coming illustrators and creators of picture books for children’ and that ‘Little Big Books is a captivating showcase of what is state-of-the-art in today’s children’s books…’

Well, anyway, they preserved me 2 full spreads and seem to have made a fine choice of the samples we sent. And a fine choice of colleagues with compatriote & fellow-‘illustrissima’ Gwénola Carrére and the likes of Marc Boutavant & Oliver Jeffers.

(this second spread is completely stuffed with a selection of cars & pedestrians I once put together to make fridge magnets for a live-DIY-version of ‘Otto goes to town’ at an exhibition in 2009)