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My agent’s very rich (and 20 years old!)

Illustrissimo, our -not so secret- agent in Paris has something to celebrate: my longest lasting ‘French connection’ was founded  exactly 20 years ago in 1992 by Mr.Michel Lagarde. I myself joined between ’95 or ’96 of the last century after a long lost weekend in Paris which makes me their longest represented illustrator by now. Respect!  But most of all: joyeux anniversaire, Michel & Nicolas!

Above’s an image I made for their birthday catalogue, tailor and ready made in one: an urban landscape situated somewhere between Brussels & Paris in which I smuggled a portrait of our two ‘brothers in arts’ (on the vespa), a selfportrait (on the bike) and a small selection of characters and elements from assignments we did together during all those years, for clients from  DHL (n°3) over Total (n°8) to a letter-based-X-mas tree for Japan last year (n°12). Might sound like a Chinese menu card to you, but mainly feels like getting old to me… Cover & backcover below by the much younger and slightly fantastic Jean Julien (looks & sounds a bit like Julian Key to me), although I shifted the colours a bit to make things a bit more ‘festive’.

There’s a little exhibition until the 24th of November at Gallerie Michel Lagarde where the Illustrissimo offices are housed now, with – amongst many great others- 3 works of mine (2 true originals + a print of the cityscape above).