1. Brand new Xmas cards for UFB

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    Hard to believe Christmas will be here in less then a month! Where’s the snow? Where are the reindeer? And most of all: when are our holidays?


  2. Carrefour’s Dansk Butterkeks Box

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    Finally arrived, all the way from Denmark: a brand new, cute cookie box,  specially designed for the Belgian branch of French retailer Carrefour. Available now in your nearest Carrefour shop in Belgium for less than 3€ – or at least at the Markets & Planets (not sure about the Contacts) – and what’s more… they even ordered some Otto-books in Dutch & French to sell in the bigger, ‘planetarian’ stores: cookies & books, même combat!

    PS Apparently, it takes longer to bake cookies than to print books or design imaginary Skandinavian skylines, ’cause – if my memory serves me well – I made my images about half a year ago… anyway, I hope everything still tastes fresh by now.

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