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Brand new Xmas cards for UFB

Hard to believe Christmas will be here in less then a month! Where’s the snow? Where are the reindeer? And most of all: when are our holidays?

No wonder I almost forgot to mention three slightly older images we’ve been giving to the United Fund for Belgium who made three brand new postcards out of them; for sale, for a good cause, on their official website .

So far for those still sending real (physical!) Xmas cards. For the rest of us – full of good intentions, but never finding the time -: feel free to share these pictures digitally from this blog or from my fb-page. The horizontal one with the Santa’s on top was made in 2004 for Albin Michel as an opener for the book ‘Noël Blanc, Noël Noir’, the vertical one below right after 9/11 (way back in 2001 for De Standaard der Letteren) and the blue one above was part of a series for a Japanese supermarket last year (hence the bluntly uncovered materialistic message in the right hand corner).