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Otto in China

Nice news from the far east: Chinese editor Maitian ordered (not 1, not 2, not 3, but) 4 Otto-titles at the same time and managed to translate these images full of painted words on cars, trucks, stores etc into Chinese characters in only 3 months. No wonder we will all have to learn Chinese in 1 generation: the calligraphic signs are obviously more interesting then our dull letters and compared to my ‘slow cooking’, the fast & furious effectiveness of their wok seems unbeatable.

Look what would become of Brussels’ City 2 if the Chinese took over…

And what an impact on cultural places: the Juke Box peep-show & l’Ancienne Belgique look a bit like Chinese restaurants (even the entrance ticket of a Willy Deville show in the late eighties has been translated!)

The ski slopes seem to become steeper – & the pine woods exotic – just by putting Chinese letter signs on strategical spots. Almost made my interpretation of the alps look like the Himalaya…

I guess everything’s just bigger in China. Except for women’s feet and this newly translated series: the dimensions -and the price- will be significantly smaller than the books overhere.

PS Funny mistake: in the big hall of the Chinese Otto @ the airport all travel destinations were changed, but for some reason the big board still says ‘vertrek & aankomst’ (international Dutch for ‘departure & arrival’). Well, maybe I forgot to put certain things in the black layer…  My mistake. Sorry, China!