1. Penselen & Paletten, Amsterdam

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    Very nice news again from our dearest northern neighbours…


    After the ‘Boekenpauw’ & the ‘Silver Palette’ before summer, a professional jury assigned the Dutch version of our funniest ABC an upgrade to Gold for the ‘most beautifully illustrated foreign book’. (They finally found that magical formula generations of wizards have been looking for!)



  2. Arthur & friends

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    In October 2012 we were contacted by a young (elegant) mother & participant at a Flemish TV contest for start-ups (‘Top-Starter’, één). Minne had just founded her own company by then and had this concept of simple (but elegant!) square & rectangular children’s furniture that could be used as tables or chairs. And that could be flipped around in any direction. While she was looking out for an extra ‘print-line’, she came across one of her sons’ OtʇO-books. And since these have about the same quality – to be readable from more then one side – she thought the two might match… (more…)

  3. De Bokaal, Brussel

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    Haast u allen voor eind oktober naar de Bokaal! Glazen atelier & pop-up laboruimte voor mensen & ideeën op de eerste etage van het gloednieuwe Muntpunt (aan het gelijknamige Brusselse plein). Sinds vorig weekend volledig gevuld door bovengetekende nav de feestelijke opening van onze ‘nieuwe’ hoofdstedelijke bib en ontmoetingsplek. TV Brussel hielp ons alvast mee verhuizen…


    cover-foto (more…)

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