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Arthur & friends


In October 2012 we were contacted by a young (elegant) mother & participant at a Flemish TV contest for start-ups (‘Top-Starter’, één). Minne had just founded her own company by then and had this concept of simple (but elegant!) square & rectangular children’s furniture that could be used as tables or chairs. And that could be flipped around in any direction. While she was looking out for an extra ‘print-line’, she came across one of her sons’ OtʇO-books. And since these have about the same quality – to be readable from more then one side – she thought the two might match…


We decided to make a rather ‘wet’ otto-table with lots of things happening below sea level and a very large car ferry on top. And since the rectangular line was already called Willem, I baptized mine Willem II. (WIM might even have been better since that’s also 180° rotatable, but we kept the ‘royal’ Dutch name for it seemed more appropriate as the official title for a big floating boat)





For the square tables & chairs, I wanted to do something out of my own ‘OtʇO-league’ and I came up with some faces in all kinds of colors that can also be interpreted differently from different angles.


It still took Minne a while to find the best production process (the right print quality on the right materials and then the right coating to resist those little hands of concrete…)

hoeken eraf zagen



But by now she can proudly present these three magic models. (btw, Minne eventually didn’t win the top-starter format, but ended 2nd: fair enough, as long as this furniture for real young top-starters is OK ;-))