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OtʇO News, UK & USA


As already mentioned briefly on fb, we’ve been working meticulously earlier this year – on orders of our majestic editor Tate – at a tailor made English version of our first OtʇO-double. I didn’t have to change driving directions or driver’s seats (since the book will also be distributed in the USA by Abrams from April 2014 of), but I had to make sure not to leave any ‘continental pigeon English’ in the signs on houses & trucks. And of course – as with gold digging – every round of sifting may make a book shine a bit brighter… So, let’s hope this double-crazy diamond will shine on ;-)


I eventually added some new elements like that Tate-truck above (on the back cover) or the big- bear-foot-car in the idyllic fishery scene as a tribute to Richard Scarry (right hand corner below).


But the end of the book remains about the same with a car wash as the final turning point – there were already 4 characters walking on a pedestrian crossing and 1 of them was already saying he’s the walrus – and silly jokes like ‘otto-graphers’ & ‘otto-man-empire’ survive in every language ;-)