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Until this weekend,¬† to do our ‘homework’, we had a rather small room with a view over our garden. But in the corner where used to be our boys’ swing and a little bamboo bush, things have gradually changed over the last five months: bit by bit a whole new setting has been taking place…


This weekend we finally moved into ‘Uncle Tom’s New Cabin’ – with all our stuff gathered & created over all those years – to prepare¬† our 1st day in the new classroom on the 1st of September. And it feels already like coming home, so I think we may have good hopes things will keep on ‘swinging’ on the spot where I’ll be painting most of my illustrations from now on. Thanks to our good friend & ‘garden-architect’ Fille who took care of this whole new 3D project ;-). Grazie 1000!


PS Here I am, already working in that corner about a year ago. Must have been destined!