1. Summer in Japan: wok & don’t look back

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    Received some snapshots from our twin brothers & sisters on the other side of the world today…


    Made these images last month at the occasion of a second anniversary – that’s why so many things on it come in 2fold – for a rather exotic shopping mall in Yokohama’s Minatomirai area with splendid roof gardens etc… (actually never been there, but we tried to let our imagination do the job ;-))


    We also must admit it was a rather demanding briefing with lots of details  & special requests…  (more…)

  2. Kwintessens Magazine: design from cradle to grave

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    Fine fresh food for our mailbox today: Kwintessens is a rather minimalistic Flemish magazine about design & fashion (in Dutch) and they asked five fine Flemish illustrators to… illustrate ‘design from the cradle to the grave’. I got the baby part – which still suits me – & really did my best to make something quintessential this time, about the fragile balance between form-function & safety…


    … but I ended up in (ph)otto-shopping-land again, making safety follow function following form. So sorry, but I just couldn’t help it (never leave me in a toy store, especially if it’s a Japanese one ;-))


    I’m even guilty of product placement (with my little Djeco cow standing behind the little child laborer next to the AA milk, à côté du BB) and maybe that’s why they put me right next to this rather pure image of Jan Vanderveken’s Fabrica Grafica illustrating ‘le mieux est l’ennemi du bien’.


    (I’m more into the ‘Encyclopedia Otto-bio-grafica’ section for the moment, for kids of course ;-))

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