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Communication in CC (2 cultural centers, for price of 1;-))

Think local, act local! Made this campaign image 4 the next season at the 2 nearest cultural centers  (De Zandloper in Wemmel & De Muze van Meise) both near Brussels, both on cycling distance and as we all know, bikes need 2 wheels to keep riding smoothly. Hence this very basic concept of a mermaid and a vagabond on a big bike in a theatrical interpretation of the local landscape.


Here’s my 5 step program, from draft till dawn:


A rare sketch,


some fresh paint,


2 wheels of fortune,


some homemade typo (luckily as a separate layer, some didn’t like that L in Zandloper)


and a final touch of darkness (since it’s merely at night we’re scoring our cultural dose)


Of course we still needed a back cover for the brochure, so the audience from ‘Le fabuleux amour d’Aucassin & Nicolette’ (Albin Michel, 2010) spontaneously joined in through the back door…


We were asked only afterwards to come up with a banner of about 6 by 2 m for the front facade, so we simply multiplied the big bike (anyone familiar with DIN formats would have done the same;-)).


Someone even customized this one. Love it. Hope everyone will be going there by bike now ;-)