1. Leuven in Vervoering

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    Qu.Chantant 44

    is the name of a local campaign, introducing a slightly adapted traffic situation to the inhabitants & visitors of the beautiful medieval (university) town of Leuven. Here’s the official city magazine:


    It’s goal is both instructional &’ inspirational’, I suppose, because often these changes – often in favor of pedestrians & cyclists – lead to massif complaints & social unrest among shopkeepers…


    So I ‘simply’ copied the new traffic map & turned it into a funny face (trying to please everyone:-)) (more…)

  2. Big Draw

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    Last year, I’ve been lettering the entrance of Leuven’s M museum  for the Big Draw (with only 4 molotow pens as weapons). Didn’t see any work of my colleagues that day – due to too much homework waiting; I was also lettering my encyclopedia around that time – & didn’t even share any of my activity for the same reason, but now I found these pretty pictures by Andy Merregaert…


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