1. Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016

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    Will be for the next two days at the Frankfurt book fair where Flanders & the Netherlands are this year’s ‘guest of honour’. Promoting one or two new translations in German, another one in English (& meeting over a brand new, mute book in progress for next year…) Looking forward seeing all the people we’ve been mailing  with for the last 5 months (and some real German readers;-)) ‘live’.


    Meanwhile, we found this fine printed magazine about Flanders in our real mailbox and I turned out to be ‘officially representing’ our capital, while speaking fluently German! Jawohl, no kidding.

    magabook2 (more…)

  2. PUH! So ein glück!

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    So lucky this little seed we planted last year somewhere in France, also found it’s way to fertile Swiss and German soil (and all the way back to the working table where it was originally created;-)).


    As you can read in a more elaborate post from last year, the book covers the life of a tree. Growing slowly on each page, throughout all seasons & weather, surviving all nature’s & other threats…


    From a tiny little acorn fallen from an old tree in the woods, found & hidden by a passing squirrel…


    … to a solid oak in the end, happy to be hosting the new, young inhabitants of it’s garden. (more…)

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