1. Babiccino Top 10 (all time favourite picture books)

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    Shouldn’t always focus on otto-promotion: here’s a Top 10 ‘bouquet list’ I (custom) made for Babyccino, with 10 titles/series/authors of picture books that changed my life (or at least the way I look at it as a book-maker;-)). Choosing = loosing of course and I already see many missing… http://babyccinokids.com/…/24/tom-schamps-top-ten-book-list/

  2. Brussels Airport Luchtvaartdag

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    Made this 3m bilingual info wall for Brussels Airport,  just after flying in from Copenhagen last week.


    Luckily we already had a whole passenger’s list (and crew) from our books, but this image had to contain a lot of information about the airport, in 2 languages, to be integrated ‘interactively’…


    So we came up with these magnetic illustrated flying saucers of about 20cm diameter.


    No surprise to me what the average passenger buys in Belgium,


    but did you already know there are about 100000 bees at the airport? (haven’t seen’m yesterday)


    The discs then had to be situated and stuck on the right spot in this multi-situational composition…


    Not easy, but good clean fun for the whole family on a Saturday afternoon;-) (more…)

  3. Otto just learned 5 new languages

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    Our little Encyclopedia Otto-biografica seems to be making it’s way to the different parts of the world that it’s actually illustrating… After English, French, German and several Scandinavian editions last year, we’re very happy to announce – to 1/3d of the world! – a brand new Spanish translation:


    The editor expected troubles with symbols & words in & around the Spanish flag on the end papers,


    so since we don’t have a problem with otto-censorship, we swiftly came up with something new after visiting a most interesting (& otto-didactic) Picasso-Giacometi exhibition last year in Paris.


    No more bull fighting, but a cute little piglet! (hope muslims nor Catalans won’t feel offended;-))

    otto-censure2 (more…)

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