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Otto in Korea

Nothing alarming from Korea this week, but May the 5th happened to be the local Children’s Day and our (South) Korean editor did everything in it’s power to get our ‘encyclopedia ottobiografica’ translated in a record time, to get the book in stores by the 4th of May (May the force be with them!)


It must have taken them many an hour to re-write every handwritten detail in this book, but they did it meticulously – as we already knew Koreans to do – and the result’s absolutely stunning to me.



They translated the tiniest detail in the background like the Tintin Crap or Black Eyed Peas cans on the shelves below (they even created a new version of our very local Sirop de Li├Ęge, I can see)


Though some of my pages were almost entirely made out of rebus-style sociopolitical nonsense…


… even there they seem to have kept the right spirit while replacing about every original ingredient.


Very grateful & happy with the work people (all over the world) have been putting in this book lately.


Let’s have ourselves a Sunday picnic outside to celebrate Korean Children’s Day, Gangnam Style!


PS I could have known I was looking for troubles when I decided to have these Larousse-style flags on opening & end papers – knowing there’re about 200 countries and I’d have to limit myself to 50 –


Our Korean friends solved the problem strictly graphically, replacing the Japanese flag by their own.


(my mind remains rather ‘occupied’ by the Japanese these days… more about it in a post to come)