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Hoch Hinaus

Saying it loud, saying it proud: I’ve got a brand new book out!


In German, Dutch & Italian, but since it’s a mute book, the language doesn’t really matter, I guess;-)


After making a very wordy wordbook it was kind of a relief & challenge trying to tell a story without words, though I must admit you still might find some inevitable¬† international typo in my images…


But most obvious are a number of numbers inside, because when you flip & fold it open, there’s a tape measure on the right side, that continues all along this leporello/accordeon shaped object.


Is it a book? Is it a building? Is it a poster or a meter? At least it stands taller then it’s maker:-)

It took us a long winter – in rather rough conditions – to build this one (without winter break…)


Only afterwards I saw my main characters were slightly influenced by a little old box on my desk.


The book tells the story of 2 children entering a tall building, visiting it’s inhabitants on every floor…


dropping invitation letters & borrowing ingredients that may be linked to each character’s lifestyle…


(above f.i. fruit, milk & sugar) to create a final feast on the upper floor where everyone’s welcome!


For those who want to see me suffer a little longer: here’s some more ‘making of” in this album on fb


PS there are some mice on every floor & a sad rabbit I painted on 02/17 in memory of Dick Bruna