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Juttugram poster: fell in love with the retail;-)

Look what fell of the tree this week: a fine folded poster stuck between Winter & Fall, found in our real mailbox inside a commercial print magazine for Belgian concept store Juttu.


I was asked to illustrate one of these postmodern catch phrases: ‘Fall in love with the details’ for a theme n° encouraging us to ‘enjoy the little things’. So I got inspired by the horizontal folding in the middle of my image (probably still in a ‘calendar mood’, more about that in the next post;-))


This was a high speed delivery: 2 Sunday afternoons of painting & gathering stuff  – like every squirrel does before it gets too cold:-) – while working for the man (in Japan) during the week…


But with this kind of headline, you just can’t stop until every detail fits… #thedevilsinthedetail