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Der Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterkalender der Welt

Looking for a colorful present during these cold grey winter days at the end of the year?


Here’s a calendar for the year to come. Auf Deutsch, but entirely stuffed with images of course…


This  52 by 42 cm newborn is the ‘love child’ of happy couple DumontGerstenberg (who happened to publish ‘Das Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterbuch der Welt’) and it contains about half the pages of last year’s encyclopedia accompanied by a handsomely handwritten ‘calendarium’.




Just 3 random months out of 12 – we’ll keep the other half of the book fresh in the fridge for the next next  year. In the mean time this one won silver at the Gregor 2018 calendar competition. Ganz toll!