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Xmas in Italy

Made some giant images last week for a global Christmas party in Italy, but unfortunately – since it’s a private party for & with children – we’re not allowed to share live images of our labor of love…


But I’m quite sure showing the flyer ‘post factum’ won’t attract any unwanted guests (and of course we always try to guarantee absolute anonymity on the worldwide web – isn’t it so, Father I & N ?-)


So here are some Santa’s on an ever expanding wallpaper designed to fit the occasion (& the walls)





And here’s a contrasting ‘white wall’ of 2m50 X 3m30, without motif, somewhere South of the Alps:-)


The image above’s a mix of translations of ‘Show and tell me the world’ (with special thanks to the Korean translators at Voozfirm and their more recent Russian counterparts at Eksmo). The invitation & wallpaper are from my more ‘old skool’ paintings for ‘Noël Blanc, Noël Noir’  (Albin Michel 2005) / ‘Natale bianco, Natale nero’ (Jaca Book 2009) with some extra colorful Santa’s to fit the theme.


Only afterwards I remarked that the reoccurring motif in the book was obviously inspired by the wallpaper on the background of a Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving  Saturday Evening Post cover…


So all credits to old Norman (or the even older craftsman who designed the original paper;-))