1. When it’s Summer in Japan…

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    …and the moon is full of rainbows. THX to our Japanese friends we keep track of all seasons!


    Had a lot of fun painting the outside world while staying in the dark (safely out of that radiant sun).

    summer-people700 (more…)

  2. Colour ball: the Depanini stickers!

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    From this week of ‘all the world is -officially!- football shaped (and it’s ours to kick in space:-)). And for the last 6 months I’ve been training with tubes & pencils to capture all colours of the world…


    Trying hard to compose a comprehensible (& complete!) Colour Encyclopedia and 1 tiny aspect of this whole Mission Impossible are of course the colours of national football teams. Here are some:


    Starting with red, here’s Belgium’s single chance to eternal glory – apart from chocolates & waffles – The 1 & only Red Devils! But did you know South Korea has a team by exactly the same name?


    A small consolation prize for our Dutch friends who couldn’t make it to Russia. Those of you familiar with Dutch culture will probably recognize Miffy, Jip & Janneke, Mr De Uil & several 70s players…


    Brazil is the only country that has participated at every final round of every world cup. (more…)

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