1. Il Piu Folle Libro Illustrato Del Mondo di Otto

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    Good news from Italy: our – second youngest – Encyclopaedia 0ttobiografica has recently been translated into Italian by Panini! Grazie 1000, here are some extra insights for Italian speakers.

    And even better news: our – youngest – Colour Encyclopaedia will also be taken care of in Italian, by the same editor, inventor of the longest running hype among kids since the invention of the hula hoop. I suppose our colour teams will instantly feel at home there (and legal troubles are avoided;-))

    Publishing date of that last one foreseen somewhere on the other side of Summer. Avanti Italia!

  2. Winter for sale!

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    A square version of our image (with a little help of intern Carolien;-)) for Winter Sales 2019 in Japan.

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