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They might become giants…

It took me about 4 years – with intervals – to get these 4 babies finished, but they officially left the house last Friday to get framed, spread their wings & go their own way. Adios, Amigos & Fare Well!

Started these ‘portraits’ on wooden panels of 4 kids growing into 4 young adults – slightly inspired by 4 Indonesian noblemen at the Rijksmuseum in A’dam and very much influenced by Bruegels 4 seasons from last year in Vienna – still at our giant-ex-Jet-studio, where I made these first 3 steps:

I probably didn’t take enough pictures of the work in progress and close ups of the finished details, but that’s exactly where the devil hided: each time I looked at something a little closer, I instantly saw tens of other unfinished loose ends that lead me elsewhere, what turned this project into a never ending saga (it didn’t help either we had other & stricter deadlines in the meantime;-))

Well, let’s take a quick looks at some parts in progress from each painting:

Looking at that last detail above I see there are still some letters missing on the camera. And the lens misses depth. And maybe I should have done something with the song ‘the eye of the tiger’? etc etc etc…