1. Il più folle libro illustrato con tutti i colori del mondo di Otto!

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    A long title for a long awaited translation. And it also happens to be my favorite interpretation of the original cover artwork (with that colorful spine, outline letters and the 2 O’s like spinning wheels;-)).

    Inside are of course 40+ the colorful pages filled with all things I associate with all respective colors, scientifically proven or strictly emotionally… Lucky for me it’s published by Panini, so they had no objections to the presence of little stickers with football teams in national colors all over the book:-)

    I hope the book will find its way to Italian readers the way it’s predecessor ‘Il più Folle e divertente libro illustrato del mondo di Otto’ did by now… Will go check for ourselves in Puglia in November…

  2. We are from Barcelona 2

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    Yet another book is recently translated into Spanish & Catalan, by Ediciones Flamboyant now.

    They took very well care of my book of opposites, originally made 5 years ago, but based on last year’s restyled vinyl album size re-edition. It really looks yummy like a Flan Catalan Gigante:-)

    Especially happy the sport games on pg 22 – inspired by mount Montjuic in Barcelona, but absolutely painted from memory – finally made it back home to the Olympic city of 1992…

    … since I must admit that Otto, the main character of this series, was massively inspired by the legendary Cobi, Xavier Mariscal’s mascot of that year’s Summer Olympics (actually the only ‘graphically correct’ mascot ever in sport’s history, if you’d ask me for my humble opinion).

    And yes, there still are exactly 101 opposites (have been counting them personally).

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