They might become giants…

It took me about 4 years – with intervals – to get these 4 babies finished, but they officially left the house last Friday to get framed, spread their wings & go their own way. Adios, Amigos & Fare Well!

Started these ‘portraits’ on wooden panels of 4 kids growing into 4 young adults – slightly inspired by 4 Indonesian noblemen at the Rijksmuseum in A’dam and very much influenced by Bruegels 4 seasons from last year in Vienna – still at our giant-ex-Jet-studio, where I made these first 3 steps:

I probably didn’t take enough pictures of the work in progress and close ups of the finished details, but that’s exactly where the devil hided: each time I looked at something a little closer, I instantly saw tens of other unfinished loose ends that lead me elsewhere, what turned this project into a never ending saga (it didn’t help either we had other & stricter deadlines in the meantime;-))

Well, let’s take a quick looks at some parts in progress from each painting:

Looking at that last detail above I see there are still some letters missing on the camera. And the lens misses depth. And maybe I should have done something with the song ‘the eye of the tiger’? etc etc etc…

We are from Barcelona 1

Our Encyclopedia Colorista is from now on also officially available in Spanish & Catalan. Muchas gracias / graciès to Combel Editorial for these 48 colorful pages in both super colorful languages.

Rojo / vermell is of course the color I associate Espana & Cataluna most with…

… but I had to make some minor corrections on page 23 to avoid any sensitive topic;-)

The book still has a happy ending though, on some costa, somewhere over the rainbow:-)

Wemmel Jaarmarkt / Marché Annuel

,Respecting an old annual tradition, I made the annual poster for the annual fair of our hometown.

And this year we also took care of the communication for the night shift :-)

Colour Encyclopaedia: Norsk Utgave

Sunny surprise! Seems like some Norwegian wood came drifting in our studio today…

48 pages filled with international colors & some appropriate lines about local culture (Greenland is not green and Danish by now, but was initially colonized by a Norwegian called Erik the Red)

Summer in Japan

Since Umie in Kobe (Harborland) is definetely ‘a mall for all seasons’, we’ve made them another brand new image, for their Summer Campaign 2019.

I’ve been painting & peeling lots of extra fresh fruit this Spring for a smooth fruit salad to share with everyone on the spot this Summer (and added a lot of fruit related western pop tunes & other nonsense;-))

Italian Andersen Award

Happy as a Giro winner with this fine support for our latest title in Italy:-)