Tom Tekent! (in de boekhandel)

Ter promotie van ons laatste kleurboek komen wij volgaarne op zaterdagmiddagen uit ons (tuin)kot!


Desbetreffende tekenaar verfraait persoonlijk al uw boeken, inpakpapier en andere aanverwante objecten in onder- en bovenstaande boekhandels. Eerst nemen we Brussel, daarna Kortrijk:-)


Antwerpen werd reeds uitgebreid bediend met Wapenstilstand in november…. (more…)

Dumont Calendar 2019

Just like last year, German calendar manufacturer Dumont came up with a brand new calendar!


Based on ‘Das Schönste und Grösste Bildwörterbuch der Welt’ it contains 14 pages of 52 by 42cm, with parts that weren’t used yet last year (we actually saved the best for 2019;-))


screenshot8 (more…)

New Book Out Now


Can’t judge a book by it’s cover! Checking the inside of the very first copy of this brand new book


Fall has fallen, so here’s the Autumn image for our personal shopping mall in Japan (with plenty of stuff we’ve been painting for the orange pages in our Colour Encyclopaedia very soon to come…)


Seasons always start early in Japan and this particular campaign – with it’s Halloweenesque ambiance – is already on since the first of September. Of course we couldn’t know typhoon Jebi was bound to hit the city of Kobe on the 4th, but everything seems to be dried up by now. And in the mean time we’ve already furnished the Winter & Christmas images, so life seems to go on…


PS hard to deny the great one by Hokusai when you have to paint Japanese waves:-)

Park Life Rules (think local / act local, part 1)

For those passing through the beautiful parks of our town, I illustrated a little list of do’s & don’ts…


You better leave your vehicle outside, turn of the loud music and don’t dive in the not so profound ponds or the – friendly looking, but rather severe – old inhabitant below might reprimand you and start explaining every tiny detail in this picture 1 by 1 (zie ook ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ van vandaag)